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Security Systems

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We support all kinds of governmental institution and private companies in across Europe regarding firearm-safety.
Our products ensure highest security levels while loading and unloading your weapon.
Ricochets during safety inspections over a sandbox belong to the past.
Thousends of APCs safe lifes daily at the Armed Forces, Police, Law Enforcement, Customs, Courts,
Security Companies, Transport companies, airport and many more...
Our products are tested by the official in the US and the German “Beschussamt”


The discharge case

WSS85 mobile
Bullet Trap in Ammo-Box
for Office, Hotel, Car

für Waffen und Kaliber bis
8.500 Joule



for all weapons up to .50 BMG

up to 100 rounds cal. .300 WinMag



for all weapons smaller than .50 BMG

up to 50 Schuss cal. .300 WinMag


HCS 50
only for handguns

up to 10 rounds

Forensic Weapon Transport Case

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