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Security Systems

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The Forensic Weapon Transport Case


A found or confiscated weapon can not be checked whether it is loaded or not. A sticked magazine or a jammed cartridge could be the reason.
As long as you cannot check the cartridge chamber the loading condition
of the weapon is “UNKNOWN”

A weapon used for killing uninvolved, terrorism or amok needs to be forwarded to the forensics dept. for further investigation at its steady state.

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Transporting a weapon with an unknown loading condition may be deadly for the
holder as well as for the people next to him.

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Our forensic weapon transport cases (FoWaKo) ensure a safe transport of a firearm no matter if it is fully loaded or not.
The muzzle is inserted into the well know and proven bullet trap and
fixed with four stripes of hook and loop tape

If there is an unintended discharge during transport the bullet is
securely destroyed without having the chance to leave the case.

The cases are fitted with foam and nob foam to protect the
weapon from scratching and damage.

The included pouch bag is meant to carry magazines, ammuniation
or other materials the have been found at the site of crime.

For firearms up to caliber .338 Lapua or 8500 Joule.
Also available up to caliber .50 BMG
Max. length of weapon 120 cm

  • Outside: 142,2 x 43,2 x 25,4 cm
  • Material: Polyethylen (shock-, water- and dustproof)
  • UV-, Dissolver-, corrosion- und mushroom resistant
  • Pressure Valves
  • stainless steel locks
  • Easy wheels

The cases are in line or exceeding the following standards
MIL-STD 810 und MIL-C-4150J.

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